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We are a group of consultants with 18 years of activity in the real estate industry, with knowledge and experience in legal, tax, notarial and trends in the market we have studied and analyzed the real estate environment and we value so update us.


Advise and assist anyone who needs counseling, mediation and negotiation to sell, buy and / or rent their properties, applying knowledge, ethical and spiritual principles in order to generate appropriate and fair to the parties involved in operations results.


Create lasting relationships with our customers, and grow your wealth


Mi casa es su casa

Vía Mail : info@micasa-essucasa.com
Phone : 01 + 414 +273 30 85
Office: Heroes Kids # 8 Pueblo Tequisquiapan Queretaro, Mexico. 
Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday: 12-6 pm

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